14 December 2010


This is zola jesus (don't go out of your way to find any of her stuff) - she'd pretty much unrelated to what im going to write about next, except for the fact she looks to be putting on one quite mean concert - which brings me to the fact that i just went to two very splendiferous concerts in the space of 4 days.
I had muse on friday - an amazing show, 2 rows from the front with a very, very lovely gal and quite a nice guy i hadn't met previously, i ended up getting drenched the security guards were soaking up so much. The light show was spectacular and i thought nothing would come possibly close for many months to come - however, mum suprised me with free members lounge tickets to see jay-z/u2 and they definitely gave muse are run for their money, an eye-poppingly good run.

I thought i would show you one of my top ten video clips - 'all i want is you' by u2 - unfortunately is not up on the 'tube, it has produced tears from me and i strongly suggest you seek it out. So i've filled the gap with the audio to give you a small taste - i dedicate it to someone very special ;)

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  1. Sounds like you had quite some time ! I love this song, how nice !!! :)