25 December 2010


Kareena Zerefos, Australian art represent. 


i am quite jolly, guess it's the season - 
departing for tasmania in two days to attend falls festival, i can't wait to see junip, the national, angus and julia stone, the middle east - the great lineup just goes on...
i cooked up quite a feast for my family yesterday and had one of the biggest christmas gatherings on record making it a wonderful day - my gifts were so amazing (my aunts have great taste):
and from my bestfriends - 

(found him)
& a woolies-mag-worthy pavlova. My boyfriend also got me this cute heart watch (which i can't find an image of...) from sportsgirl, alongside an interestingly illustrated card. 

24 December 2010

17 December 2010


If you have not seen Lady Chatterly - an adaptation of the highly-controversial Lady Chatterly's lover by D.H.Lawrence - i suggest you do so, an amazing take on the book.

'Never was an age more sentimental, more devoid of real feeling, more exaggerated in false feeling, than our own.' - D.H.L

14 December 2010


This is zola jesus (don't go out of your way to find any of her stuff) - she'd pretty much unrelated to what im going to write about next, except for the fact she looks to be putting on one quite mean concert - which brings me to the fact that i just went to two very splendiferous concerts in the space of 4 days.
I had muse on friday - an amazing show, 2 rows from the front with a very, very lovely gal and quite a nice guy i hadn't met previously, i ended up getting drenched the security guards were soaking up so much. The light show was spectacular and i thought nothing would come possibly close for many months to come - however, mum suprised me with free members lounge tickets to see jay-z/u2 and they definitely gave muse are run for their money, an eye-poppingly good run.

I thought i would show you one of my top ten video clips - 'all i want is you' by u2 - unfortunately is not up on the 'tube, it has produced tears from me and i strongly suggest you seek it out. So i've filled the gap with the audio to give you a small taste - i dedicate it to someone very special ;)

13 December 2010


Australian artist charlie isoe.

'if we disbelieve everything, because we cannot certainly know all things, we shall do much what as wisely as he who would not use his legs, but sit still and perish, because he has no wings to fly.' - john locke.


I used to be a fan of maths, but then i became more illogical -
however, i will make an exception of liking the discipline with these cute equations by craig damrauer called 'new math'.

08 December 2010


I seriously need a new camera - 
I came back from singapore last week (absolutely amazing, would recommend it to everyone - great shopping, great culture and so easy to get around) but haven't been able to load photos until today when i had given up on the device and began hitting it repeatedly...
so here we are! a very minimal and very general photographic summary of a quite amazing trip (bar the flight cancellation provided by 'wonderful' jetstar, leaving emily and i stranded in darwin for one interesting night).

i could've asked for two better travelling companions - bar the fact that my boyfriend wasn't present (those two weeks showed how much i really need him)