31 October 2010


Ahh, ladies doing manly things - 
3 lovely ladies, 3 live covers originally written by very fine men.

Fiona Apple with Cy Coleman's 'Why try to change me now?'

Missy Higgins with Paul Kelly's 'If i could start today again'

Tori Amos with Leonard Cohen's 'Famous Blue Raincoat'.

30 October 2010


i love karin andersson, she has really tested my stereo out with her stuff from the knife, honey is cool and royksopp - but most of all, with fever ray. her video-clips are absolutely amazing & she has actually made me respect electronica

when i grow up.

stranger than kindness.

if i had a heart.

never leave me. walk close beside me. your hand my hand. fits so easy. no tomorrow. let us stop here. we did some great things. or didn't we? dry and dusty. i am a capsule of energy. you speak softly. we are capsules of energy. the work as i've been told. in return i get money. and i long for every moment. dry and dusty. i am a capsule of energy. you speak softly. we are capsules of energy.


belated birthday spoils :)

make me a very happy girl

29 October 2010


dear cloud control/deep sea arcade,
thankyou so much for cancelling your gig at the gearin,
much appreciated.
love tash.

so these are the photos of the alternative outing in katoomba - accredited to a quite talented ms. annette wilson.

i also received a lovely set of fairy lights and my first ever capo - i'm no longer a hair-tie and pen kinda gal :)

23 October 2010



So i've been trying to completely change the decor of my room, downplaying my clutter with some simple line drawings - these are some unsuccessful attempts i gave to friends.

This one is fairly schmick though, it's a re-working of a lino-cut i did in year 10 based on Schiele's stuff. I just need to get some framage happening, i think this will be after the HSC/poo :(

I really wish these two still existed :( on to more drawings i guess...

22 October 2010


We real cool. We
Left school. We

Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We

Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We

Jazz June. We

Die soon. 

- gwendolyn brooks.